Road Logs

The Montana Geological Society Road Log website is an interactive mapping site that contains digitized routes of historical road logs primarily in Montana. The majority of the road logs were digitized by Montana State University – Billings students.

To use this service:

  1. Simply click on a road in an area you are interested in.
  2. A road log will be highlighted and an attribute table will pop up showing the title, log name, and the year the road log was created.
  3. If the road log overlaps with other road logs, click the right arrow and a new attribute table will appear with another road log in the area you clicked.
  4. If you wish to view the complete road log document, click the “More info” link. A new window will open displaying the road log. From here you can view, print, and download the road log.

This is a mobile friendly interactive map! Open this map on your smartphone with your GPS turned on, and you can access the road logs nearest to you.

Please note that due to the vintage of some of the logs, there may be some level of inaccuracies in the road log lines. They should not be used for navigational purposes.

To change the basemap layers or to access additional information, please view this information through ArcGIS Online at this link:

Road Log List

General Logs

  • 2002 AAPG Field School, E&P in Thrusted Terrains: Practical Applications of Structure and Stratigraphy in the Montana/ Alberta Foothills
  • 1950 BGS 1st Annual Field Conference
  • 1951 BGS 2nd Annual Field Conference
  • 1952 BGS 3rd Annual Field Conference
  • 1953 BGS 4th Annual Field Conference
  • 1954 BGS 5th Annual Field Conference
  • 1955 BGS 6th Annual Conference
  • 1956 BGS 7th Annual Conference
  • 1957 BGS 8th Annual Field Conference Crazy Mountain Basin
  • 1958 BGS 9th Annual Field Conference: Beartooth Uplift and Sunlight Basin
  • 1959 BGS 10th Anniversary Field Conference: Sawtooth-Disturbed Belt Area
  • 1960 BGS 11th Annual Field Conference: West Yellowstone-Earthquake Area
  • 1962 BGS 13th Annual Field Conference: Three Forks-Belt Mountains Area and Symposium
  • 1963 BGS and WGA: Northern Powder River Basin, Joint Conference