Science Expo

The MSU-B Science Expo is back!

The In-person and Virtual Science Expo will be held March 18th and 19th, 2022.

The event will be hybrid, and the event is need of both virtual and in-person judges. If you’d like to volunteer to judge, you can register at:

The MGS is also looking for a volunteer or two to help with some geology demonstrations. Please contact the MGS if you are interested in helping out for this part of the in-person event.

As stated on the Science Expo’s website:

“Unlike last year’s MSUB Science Expo that was moved to Facebook at the last minute, we have had an opportunity to plan for this transition and the expo will feature a digital judging event that involves our young scientists and a small panel (two or three) of judges.  The young scientists will present their projects to the judges through a video chat just as they would in person, and the judges will ask questions which the young scientists will be allowed to answer.”

“You may have noticed the date for the Science Expo has been moved this year.  This was done in collaboration with 4 other science fairs around the state of Montana.  We are excited to announce that MSUB Science Expo will send a deserving young scientist to participate in the Montana State Fair hosted in Missoula MT, March 28th!  This is in addition to the project that we have always sent to compete in the national ISEF competition.”

For more information, please visit the MSU-B Science Expo page here.

To view photos of past events, take a look at our photo gallery here.