Teaching Awards

MGS Teacher of the Year Award

What better way to promote earth science in the state of Montana than to recognize and reward those who do it every day?

The MGS applauds the hard work of outstanding K-12 Earth Science Teachers in Montana. Each year Teacher of the Year (TOTY) applications are reviewed and the most deserving candidate is selected by the MGS Awards Committee to receive $1000.  The MGS winner is then eligible to apply for the regional Teacher of the Year Award (an additional $2000) through the Rocky Mountain Section of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (RMS-AAPG). The winner of the RMS-AAPG award becomes the RMS-AAPG nominee for the national American Association of Petroleum Geologists award, which is $6000 ($3000 for the teacher and $3000 for their school).  That’s the potential for $9000 in cash awards!

If you teach and promote Earth Science in your classroom or in the outdoors, the MGS encourage you to apply for the TOTY Award. A completed application form and letter of support is all you need.

Members and Candidates will find that the nomination/application process is simple with minimal paperwork. A completed nomination form is all that we need to get the process started.
So PLEASE! nominate, or get someone you know to nominate, a teacher that deserves to be recognized.
What better way to promote the earth science in the state of Montana than to reward and show appreciation toward those who do it everyday?

Click here to download the 2024 application.

2012 MGS and Regional Award Winner – Denece Lord

Past TOTY Winners:

2022 – Catherine Blee, Billings Senior High School, Billings, MT

2021 – No Award made due to lack of applicants.

2020 – No Award made due to lack of applicants.

2018 – Michael Poser, Hobson Public School, 7th-12th grade, Hobson, MT

2016 – Ken Marks, White Sulphur Springs High School, White Sulphur Springs, MT

2015 – Catherine Frazer, Absarokee Jr/Sr High School, Absarokee, MT

2014 – No nominations

2013 – *Debi Stiles Capital High School, Helena, MT

2012 – *Denece Lord Billings West High School, Billings, MT

* denotes MGS winner was also selected as winner of the regional AAPG-Rocky Mountain Section award.