Consultant Directory

If you would like to be included on this list, click here. All submissions will be subject to review and approval by the MGS Board of Directors prior to posting.

  • Environment/Hydrogeology

    • Dan Nebel
      Terracon Consultants

      Certifications: Professional Geologist-California, Idaho, Wyoming; Licensed Engineering Geolgist - Washington

      Areas of Expertise: Engineer Geology, Rock Mechanics; Fluvial Geomorphology; Hydrogeology

    • Mike Meredith
      HydroSolutions, Inc.

      Certifications: Professional Geologist

      Areas of Expertise: Hydrogeology, hydrology, geology, water resources engineering, and environmental management in the industrial, public, and private sectors.

  • Geotechnical Data Services

    • Jessica Renstrom

      Certifications: Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Geographical Information Systems (GIS); BA in Professional Communications

      Areas of Expertise: GIS, Page-size scanning, digitizing, database creation & maintenance; Wordpress website creation & maintenance

  • Petroleum/Oil & Gas

    • Ben Funderburk
      Funderburk Solutions LLC

      Certifications: Association of State Boards of Geology (A.S.B.O.G ) Professional Geologist

      Areas of Expertise: Geological mapping & Analysis

    • David Bickerstaff
      Bickerstaff Associates

      Areas of Expertise: Rockies & Mid-Con Acquisition & Divestiture, Mapping & Interpretation, Deal Screening, Property & Prospect Development, Portfolio Analysis, Mineral Asset Evaluation

    • David Lopez

      Certifications: AAPG Certified Geologist #4210

      Areas of Expertise: Oil and Gas Exploration Geology; Geologic Field mapping; Geologic Hazard mapping and evaluations; Ground water potential

    • Gary Splittberger

      Areas of Expertise: Oil & Gas wellsite work (35 years), primarily in the Williston & Big Horn Basins

    • John Kerns
      Kerns Exploration

      Certifications: AAPG Cert. #1225; SIPES Cert. #2757; WY Prof Geol #74

      Areas of Expertise: Williston & PRB

    • Roy Clement
      Clement Consulting, Inc.

      Areas of Expertise: Wellsite Geology/Supervision

    • Ted Doughty
      Prisem Geoscience

      Certifications: CPG P Geol WY

      Areas of Expertise: Montana & Wyoming Petroleum Geology; Structured Geology, Montana, Wyoming disturbed belt, Bakken field trips